Community Clinics

Nationwide campaign with Animal Planet Producer

Empowering People.

Reaching more than 120 Elementary school kids this year, we raise dog education, compassion and awareness. 

Watch the slideshow HERE! 

The Future of Animal Welfare

Partnered with Michael Dinco "Mikey D., "creator and Producer of Animal Planet’s Award Winning show "Pit bulls & Parolees" we are launching a series of TV ads to spread animal welfare education, ending pet homelessness, abuse and neglect.

Partnered with Whole Foods, AllStar Vet Clinic and other local Veterinarians, we provide low-cost community clinics to eradicate heart worm disease. We also service low income veterinary needs in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes.
See our September 2016 clinic news report!

End the suffering of animals through education and outreach.

First time ever pilot program, 1 month,  25  students


Our first clinic vaccinated 200 dogs​​