2017's program;  2 weeks,  daily, 100 students


Nationwide campaign with Animal Planet Producer

End the suffering of animals through education and outreach.

We are constantly creating new initiatives to help reduce the number of dogs living in substandard conditions.  We address issues as far reaching as dog fighting rings to animal health to overpopulation in shelters.  The Inner Pup is constantly pursuing new strategic alliances to bring about change.  

Through education and community-building,
to act in the best interest of animals.

3,434 months of prevention in 2016

We work exclusively in the most vulnerable communities through outreach programs that target the eradication of Heart Worm disease -- a scourge which causes unnecessary pain and suffering for dogs as well as extraordinary expenses for owners and shelters. ​

The Future of Animal Welfare:



Empowering People.

A central tenet of our mission is to create and educate rising community leaders. Strong, smart, compassionate kids can make anything possible including positive pet ownership.  

2016's program; 3 weeks, daily, 25  students