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No one wishes for these natural disasters but in the southern states, we can't predict it. We are here for the dogs, when they need to most; making sure they aren't being put to sleep, just because the weather gets bad. 

3.711 months of prevention in 2 years!

2-3 week courses,  daily, 100 students

Disaster Relief
We work exclusively in the most vulnerable communities. Our outreach programs target the eradication of Heart Worm disease and education on overpopulation, abuse and suffering.
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Empowering People.

Disaster Relief 

Saving as many as we can. 

End the suffering of animals through education and outreach.
A central tenet of our mission is to create and educate rising community leaders. Strong, smart, compassionate kids can make anything possible in the most vulnerable neighborhoods, where most of the animals enter the shelters, from.  

Canine Compassion Courses, being offered!

The Future of Animal Welfare: