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Momma Gigi, a shy and sweet dog, scheduled for death row at 5pm, two days later, 10 puppies. These sweet angels and Gigi will be ready for adoption in late October! 


Clearing out the Crowley, LA, shelter before they evacuate/EU! Not in view: momma and her three kittens! 

August 27th;  Rufus, 10 year old nervous nelly, came to us pacing... couldn't sit still. The amazing Griffin family from North  Carolina drove up a ton of supples and ended up falling for him and taking him home!! 

We aren't doing this alone! We are partnered with Take Paws Rescue and MANY others, working together, shuffling dogs, finding the perfect place for each one. It takes an army, and we have one. Interested to be a consistent volunteer or looking to help, please contact us! 

August 29th;  Griffin and team, delivering much needed supplies! Featured in the center is our incredible Melissa, she's a great one to follow on facebook: she'll keep you updated on all the dogs being saved! Meet Melissa! 

Learn about September's transport HERE

Visit our 5,000 square foot, low stress temporary home​ and playground​ for displaced dogs or sheltered in flooded Parishes! These dogs deserve our love and care, and best believe, they are getting it. Thank you to our partners; specifically, Take Paws Rescue, Director Monique Bonnaffons, to make this dream happen with us!! ​

Sept 4th; transferred from Zeus's place, this sweet pregnant momma never has to worry again! Night one, she slept with Melissa, our incredible on-site volunteer! 

Labor of Love 

August 25th Harvey hit Texas.

September 5th, 2017, we already saved 90 dogs. Our Safe Haven launched to meet the demands of the situation. Now, we can be a safe haven for even more dogs when disaster strikes. 

August 29th; More terrified than ever, this sweet girl, Shrimp, is feeling safe for the first time in her life. Arriving from a  flooded hoarder; she learns safety with us!