Essential Take - Aways of this Program:

Prep slideshow HERE! 

The challenges with dogs in a community are parallel to challenges humans face. Dogs, like kids, learn by what they see, and what their role models do, influences in their daily lives. Positive social change happens when kids are inspired to move beyond the expected, to make new choices based on new and better input; when kids become confident in their own world view.

Social change requires freedom of mind and heart; we open the kids eyes to a broader world, and motivate them to bring those lessons home. 

It is natural for Dogs, and kids to develop great relationships. The love helps kids deal with their own lives and help the kids learn to relate to all beings in a compassionate, mutual respect, loving manner. 


Dog Etiquette and Mutual Respect

How to have a good relationship with a dog
Breed groups, breeds/history

Behaviors and breeds and alternative habits 

Plight of homeless dogs in our country 
Abuse/neglect and how to stop to end it 

What a happy dog needs:
Love & Relationship
Mental Exercise
Physical Exercise

Culminating Projects to include:  Breed ID, New Dog Interactions, 
Behavior and Training, mutual respect, Petfinder Locater 

The Inner Pup education program is based on the wisdom of John Rogerson, an internationally renowned dog trainer with 45+ years of experience.  In fact, John Rogerson was the inspiration for The Inner Pup.  His advice to Co-Founder, Lindsay Goldring, was to focus on education and prevention.   Some highlights of our special community leader recipe can be found in the videos below. ​

We build community leaders from the ground up.  We start with inner city kids.  We add hands on skills training and knowledge.  And we bundle it in our own enthusiasm and love.  The outcome is over 200 New Orleans middle school ambassadors that will touch the lives of countless healthy, happy area dogs.  

​The highlight in 2016 was our first pilot program;  3 week course.  May 2017, we partner with 100 7th and 8th grade students with ARISE Schools, in 70117. 

We look forward to bringing this program to more and more schools and classrooms.

Supported by John Rogerson, internationally re-nowned dog trainer with 45+ years experience. 



Special Guests and Partners:

ARISE Schools

John Smith and the Pen Pals Program (Dixon Correctional Institute)

BamzyBaby Productions 

Dr. Jai Diggs, AllStar Animal Clinic

Lo Hi Tire Shop owner, Chucky

Canina Dog Training, Judit Arroyo 

Field trips:
Villalobos Rescue Center
Jefferson Parish Shelter