Essential Take - Aways of this Program:

Prep slideshow HERE! 

The challenges with dogs in a community are parallel to challenges humans face. Dogs, like kids, learn by what they see, and what their role models do, influences in their daily lives. Positive social change happens when kids are inspired to move beyond the expected, to make new choices based on new and better input; when kids become confident in their own world view.

Social change requires freedom of mind and heart; we open the kids eyes to a broader world, and motivate them to bring those lessons home. 

It is natural for Dogs, and kids to develop great relationships. The love helps kids deal with their own lives and help the kids learn to relate to all beings in a compassionate, mutual respect, loving manner. 

Interactive Curriculum includes: 

Mutual Respect, Dog Etiquette

Good relationships with dogs
Breed groups/history

Behavior/Training/Body Language

Plight of homeless dogs in our country 
Abuse/neglect and how to stop to end it 

Love & Relationship
Mental Exercise
Physical Exercise

"I have a student, he always choses where he is going to sit. He hasn't sat in an assigned seat all year. He wants to be left alone in the back of class and not be bothered. Truly, for the first time, maybe besides 1 other time, in the entire year, I see this tiny student, whose under developed in more ways than one, whose excited to be in class. Raising his hand, wants to be involved, wants to do the activities, he was so eager!! Miss Keller told me that there are always those 1-2 students that come out of their shell with Canine Compassion's curriculum, but I would not have dreamed in a million years that this student was the one that got excited about this! And, really, I could say that about a lot of the students. You just saw the students become emotionally stable in class, back to their usual in their next class, but, in our 4 walls, when Canine Compassion curriculum was being taught, they were calm, engaged and happy. Calm Engaged and Happy, a teachers dream." Miss Shelby Flowers, May 2018 

We build community leaders.  We start with inner city kids and add hands on skills training and knowledge,  bundled with enthusiasm and love. 

The outcome is over 300 New Orleans middle school ambassadors that will touch the lives of countless healthy, happy area dogs.  

Our program reached 125 students in 2016 & 2017.  In 2018 we expanded with 2 secondary teachers, 2 lead teachers, 150 students, 6 classrooms, 2 repeat classrooms, 2 schools.  WWL NEWS STORY 

Special Guests and Partners:

ARISE Schools

John Smith and the Pen Pals Program (Dixon Correctional Institute)

BamzyBaby Productions 

Dr. Jai Diggs, AllStar Animal Clinic

Lo Hi Tire Shop owner, Chucky

Canina Dog Training, Judit Arroyo 

Field trips:
Villalobos Rescue Center
Jefferson Parish Shelter

Supported by John Rogerson, internationally re-nowned dog trainer with 45+ years experience. 

   Canine Compassion  Education.

The Inner Pup education program is based on the wisdom of John Rogerson, an internationally renowned dog trainer with 45+ years of experience.  

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