We host monthly, low cost, HeartWorm Preventative Clinics.

 The Inner Pups works exclusively in the most vulnerable communities through outreach programs that target the eradication of heart worm disease -- a scourge which causes unnecessary pain and suffering for dogs as well as extraordinary expenses for owners and shelters.  


  • Mosquitoes are in New Orleans 12 months out of the year. 
  • Heartworm disease can cause horrible symptoms, a painful death and is a huge financial burden.
  • Roughly 80% of dogs in the New Orleans community are HeartWorm positive; 160,000 HW+ dogs in 2 parishes
  • A local rescue shared with us that $500,000/year is dedicated to HW treatment.
  • Heartworm POSITIVE dogs are less adoptable, get euthanized as shelters can’t pay for the expensive treatment.
  • Heartworm is completely preventable.

"Congratulations.... You should be a model for the American Heartworm Society in its constant effort to increase Heartworm prevention in the United States. Remember, over a million dogs are infected with Heartworm in the US and with programs like yours we can reduce that number to near "Zero"."

                                                                                                      -  Sheldon Rubin, 3 year past President, 10 year Board member of AHS, our national advisor/consultant.

Community Clinics. 

August 2017 update!


2017 Schedule - 

1/7 - 66 dog! 279 months of HW Prevention, 37 HW tests, 27 proheart6 administered, 3+ tests, 60 Vectra 3D  

2/11 - 133 dogs! 483 months of HW Prevention, 45 HW Tests, 28 proheart6 administered, 110 Vectra 3D. 

3/18 - 98 dogs! 417 months of HW Prevention, 56 HW Tests, 41 proheart6 administered, 60 Vectra 3D. 

4/22 - 102 dogs! 432 months of HW Prevention, 59 HW Tests, 42 proheart6 administered, 77 Vectra 3D

5/27 - 74 dogs! 327 months of HW Prevention, 35 Proheart6 administered, 70 Vectra 3D 

6/24 - 70 dogs! 270 months of HW Prevention, 20 Proheart6 administered, 60 Vectra 3D

7/29 - 93 dogs! 369 months of HW Prevention, 30 Proheart6 administered, 86 Vectra 3D  

8/27 - 45 dogs! 4 dogs started on Heartworm TREATMENT with our new program! 

9/26 - 66 dogs! 321 months of HW Prevention, 41 Proheart6 administered, 64 Vectra 3D

10/21 - 74 dogs! 41 Heartworm tests, 6 Heartworm Positive.

11/5 - 152 FULLY VETTED with our partners at Banfield Foundation! Thank you!! 

11/18 - 74 dogs! 

12/30 - come to this clinic!!

2016 April-December CLINICS TOTAL:  10 clinics, in 9 months. 842 dogs, 170 fully vetted, 3,434 months of HW prevention administered of Proheart6 & Ivermec, 200 doses of flea/tic administered, 5 HW+ treated. 

Heart worms are not "contagious". The contagious factor translates into: "a mosquito who bites a hw+dog can transmit the worm to a hw- dog he bites." This means that Heartworm disease can spread by having a single hw+ dog in a population of hw- dogs. However, there must be a mosquito to enable this to happen. The mosquito can only transmit the microfilare stage. Adult heart worms cannot be transmitted this way. This is why Heartworm prevention, which clears microfilarae (younger worms) is so important to be given monthly in shelters, and everywhere!


If you cannot afford a regular vet visit, we invite you to join us at one of our upcoming clinics.

Visit our facebook page for future events: the inner pup of new orleans