Community Clinics. 


"Congratulations.... You should be a model for the American Heartworm Society in its constant effort to increase Heartworm prevention in the United States. Remember, over a million dogs are infected with Heartworm in the US and with programs like yours we can reduce that number to near "Zero"."

                                                                                                      -  Sheldon Rubin, 3 year past President, 10 year Board member of AHS, our national advisor/consultant.

2017 Schedule - 

1/7 - 66 dog! 279 months of HW Prevention, 37 HW tests, 27 proheart6 administered, 3+ tests, 60 Vectra 3D  

2/11 - 133 dogs! 483 months of HW Prevention, 45 HW Tests, 28 proheart6 administered, 110 Vectra 3D. 

3/18 - 98 dogs! 417 months of HW Prevention, 56 HW Tests, 41 proheart6 administered, 60 Vectra 3D. 

4/22 - 102 dogs! 432 months of HW Prevention, 59 HW Tests, 42 proheart6 administered, 77 Vectra 3D

May 27 - SO hot out, still a success. 

June 24th, Whole Foods on broad, 12:30-2:30pm - info to come. 

2016 April-December CLINICS TOTAL:  10 clinics, in 9 months. 842 dogs, 170 fully vetted, 3,434 months of HW prevention administered of Proheart6 & Ivermec, 200 doses of flea/tic administered, 5 HW+ treated. 

We host monthly, low cost, HeartWorm Preventative Clinics.

 The Inner Pups works exclusively in the most vulnerable communities through outreach programs that target the eradication of heart worm disease -- a scourge which causes unnecessary pain and suffering for dogs as well as extraordinary expenses for owners and shelters.  

  • Mosquitoes are in New Orleans 12 months out of the year. 
  • Heartworm disease can cause horrible symptoms, a painful death and is a huge financial burden.
  • Roughly 80% of dogs in the New Orleans community are HeartWorm positive; 160,000 HW+ dogs in 2 parishes
  • A local rescue shared with us that $500,000/year is dedicated to HW treatment.
  • Heartworm POSITIVE dogs are less adoptable, get euthanized as shelters can’t pay for the expensive treatment.
  • Heartworm is completely preventable.

If you cannot afford a regular vet visit, we invite you to join us at one of our upcoming clinics.

Visit our facebook page for future events: the inner pup of new orleans