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​Partnered with Michael Dinco "Mikey D" the creator and Producer of Animal Planet’s Award Winning hit show "Pit bulls & Parolees" and local Charter Schools,

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We are constantly creating new initiatives to help reduce the number of dogs living in substandard conditions.  We address issues as far reaching as dog fighting rings to animal health and overpopulation in shelters.  The Inner Pup is constantly pursuing new strategic alliances to bring about change.  We’ve partnered with “Pitbulls and Parolees” producer, Michael Dinco, to make commercials. We’ve joined forces with Villalobos Rescue Center and local retailers, like Whole Foods, and veterinarians from throughout our region to provide low-cost Heartworm testing as well as prevention.  Interested in creating change? Let’s talk.

The video here will show you our 30 second PSA's.

The TV commercials will be a combination of 30 & 60 seconds.