We see a time when responsible, compassionate pet ownership is the norm and when an owners income is not a barrier for healthy, happy pets. 

Armed with awareness and education, people are the solution.


After years of working with stray animals in a variety of capacities, we turned our attention to the root cause of the homeless animal epidemic – lack of spay-neutering programs throughout New Orleans.  The Inner Pup hosted its first free clinic in 2014.  In fact, it aired on Animal Planet’s “Pitbulls and Parolees, Season 6 episode, “Dumped.”  Since that time, we’ve begun monthly prevention clinics throughout the region.
To create a network of accessible, affordable resources, enlightened attitudes, and accountability so that pets are embraced by families. To end the cycle of abuse, neglect and overpopulation in shelters.  
We work at the grassroots level.
We're animal advocates to the core. 

About Us

We’re educating the next generation.

Part of The Inner Pup model depends on changing the hearts, minds, and actions of the next generation. We’re committed to building positive regard for pets among children who reside in communities with high levels of animal homelessness, abuse and neglect.  The Inner Pup developed a classroom curriculum that’s been embraced by NOLA educators.  Since our first successful teaching experience in 2016, we’ve been expanding our reach.  We’ve taught over 200 kids so far, and we’re still growing.

The future of animal welfare: our story


We‘ve pressed the RESET BUTTON on Animal Welfare. Now, we can create a renewable platform to successfully pass the buck. 

Our success can be attributed to one unique attribute – boots on the ground.  The Inner Pup works in the NOLA neighborhoods responsible for the majority of strays that populate area shelters. We immerse ourselves in those communities; we build trust among community abusers as well as change agents. We lean in; this “all in” approach has resulted in our unique model for change. 

Genie Goldring

This hot mama has a long history of careers, family and DOGS. She's the first to admit that if her husband were less sane (and more easily persuaded) she would have more dogs than rooms.

"I love people, animals and I adore my Lindsay, who teaches me that animal welfare means more than playing with and hugging my 4-leggeds. Lindsay also makes it clear that animal welfarists don't sleep, eat only on occasion and are on the beck and call of other equally passionate and nutty animal welfarists. I've felt on my own the satisfaction of fraternizing with people who share my passion, and chumming around with dogs who never fail to bring tears of wonder."

Our Mission: 

Lindsay Goldring

​Lindsay started volunteering in animal welfare when she was 10 in Chicago. No one, including Lindsay, thought she'd make it through her first high-kill shelter job at 18. She furthered her interest in animal behavior with marine mammal enrichment at the Shedd Aquarium under trainer Ken Ramirez and years of dog training in Chicago. Moving to Wyoming to manage the Animal Adoption Center (2008-2012), she learned the bigger picture of welfare. She currently works as a dog trainer/behaviorist and co-runs The Inner Pup Non-Profit Organization. Her vision for a better tomorrow for animals in our country inspires Lindsay to share education, create change, motivate others & shine bright.

Our Vision: